Don’t take my word for it – see what other people say…

Dramatic Changes After Just One Lesson…

“I found after just the very first lesson that one of the main issues is my issue of lack of being pack leader, and that’s what I need more than anything…We walk every single day, we even do six miles a day. Before it was six miles of torture…now we have six miles of sheer pleasure where we’re walking and enjoying it.”

-Barb Zonakis. Fountain Hills, AZ

I Finally Understand…And It’s So Easy

“Krista doesn’t just tell you how to do it… She doesn’t just show you what to do… She involves you. You learn her secrets, 10-second shortcuts, strategies, and tactics… and the psychology behind training dogs. Because of Krista’s advice I finally understand how to love my dogs and be leader of the pack. And it’s so easy…”

-Helen Parkhill, Phoenix, AZ

By Far My Best Dog Ever…

“I came to Krista when we first got Jesse James because Jesse was afraid of everything. He was afraid of people, he was afraid of dogs, he was afraid of his own shadow….and very difficult on the leash. Being a border collie and hyperactive and energetic, he just had to have it his way.

After several lessons with Krista, he was a changed dog…The key is in learning the connection between you and your dog. It’s simple. It’s easy. If I can do it with him, you can do it with your best friend. Jesse by far is my best dog ever. Thank you, Krista!”

-Donna Patterson, Arizona

Little Piece of Heaven…

“I took Teddy out for a walk today. He walked right along beside me, so nice! I did as you suggested. We even walked by the fence where the big black dog is where he usually drags me down the lane. And he stayed right beside me. He didn’t pull to get at other people walking and only lifted his leg when I gave him permission at his favorite telephone pole. It was a little piece of heaven.”

-Deb Morgaina, Phoenix, AZ

Saved Me and My Dogs…

“I didn’t know what to do. [This] system helped me with all three of my dogs. (One dog was shy, one dog barked too much, and one was way too independent.) Her dog training secrets showed me how to work with each of my 3 very DIFFERENT dogs. (And it was easy to do. Yes!!!)”

-D. Volp, Phoenix, Arizona

“It has been my intention all along, to train my Golden Doodle, Sophee, to stay off furniture, people and mind me. Until now, 3 trainers later, I have missed the boat with her.

She gets it, that’s not the problem, she doesn’t like the rules…..that’s the stumbling block I’ve faced. I don’t seem to have been smart or strong enough to convince her to change for me. In my 4th attempt at a trainer, Krista Cantrell gave me 5 homework assignments the first week:

1. Walk through the door first.
2. Charge at her if she jumps up on people/me.
3. Take a 1 mile training walk doing all the tricks we know together continuously, each day.
4. Play with toys, but take them away the first throw.
5. Eat first then put her bowl down.

I asked….How do I keep her off my bed at night? A project for another session, when she knows I’m the leader, she said. Fair enough, I went about to do my tasks with Sophee, shocked to see her respond so naturally. She was a perfect student!

I was feeling powerful again. Could this have been master error? By the 5th day, I was a little bored, so I thought of combining tasks. If I took her ‘baby’ away (which is always in her mouth), every time she jumped on the bed, maybe she would associate baby loss with jumping up. She jumped I grabbed the baby, tucked it up onto the shelf, shut the door and looked back to see her response. Low and behold, she jumped right off my bed, went to her bed, gave me a sad look and put her head down, like she had done something wrong. Three more times, same result……no more bed!

Now, once in awhile, she still tries, that’s Sophee, I continue my task, and she’s down. Some dogs are easy to train, and not only get the message, but stick to the program. Sophee gets it instantly, and tests the water. I can be relentless too! Thank you Krista for helping me feel my power again.”

-S & S, Arizona

Results Were Life-Changing…

“My husband and I have a multi-dog household of terriers. After the youngest became full grown we lived with a divided household because the dogs absolutely could not get along and had to be separated at all times. If they were together a dogfight was inevitable if not instantaneous.

Krista showed us how to establish loving leadership and how to maintain our positions as leader of the pack on a day-to-day basis. After carefully following Krista’s instructions I am thrilled to say that we can now allow the dogs to run together. Seeing this happen for the first time was truly unbelievable!

They actually lay down beside each other just like the lion and the lamb! I could not believe what my eyes were seeing the first time Krista helped me peacefully reintroduce them to each other! We are eternally grateful to Krista for restoring peace and calm to our family.
Her methods were gentle and loving and the results were life changing! Krista’s system truly works and I would recommend it to anyone with dog behavior issues.”

-April Bellamy, California


Krista Cantrell M.A. uses her skills as a cognitive animal behaviorist and award-winning trainer to solve animal behavior and health problems. Veterinarians, trainers, performance, and family pet owners seek her assistance for training, behavior and health issues. She is an internationally published author, contributor to local, national, and international media, and speaker at national conferences. Segments about her work with animals have appeared in print and broadcast media.


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