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...from simple skills to challenging handling techniques.

Krista offers practical agility dog training advice, exercises, skills and drills, and courses based on her work as a cognitive animal behaviorist, agility competitor and trainer, whisperer, and qigong practitioner. She is fascinated by how dogs think, process information and learn.

Her training approach is described in the title of her first dog book, "Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How to train any dog in five minutes a day." Published by PenguinPutnam Inc and The Lyons Press.

Krista shares simple ways to keep your dog from pushing your hot button. She knows that when your dog doesn't do what you want - it isn't any fun.

She designs specific lessons tailored to you and your dog to build trust, confidence, and solve problems easily. Lessons include specific do's and don'ts to get your dog through handling challenges and the toughest courses.

Krista works with beginning students to advanced competitors … 10 pound Yorkies to 95 pound golden retrievers ... Sassy dogs who ignore their handlers or too shy or laid back dogs that need to learn that running is fun.

All classes and private lessons are taught by Krista.

About Krista

Krista Cantrell is a cognitive animal behaviorist - learn more about what that means here.


Krista is an internationally published book author! Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How to Train Any Dog in Five Minutes a Day, Tao of Puppies: How to Raise a Good Dog Without Really Trying, and Housetrain Your Dog Now! You can find them here or on Amazon!


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